Many Hats Inc crafts immersive, interactive experiences at every digital touchpoint, that show how effective communication can be playful, powerful, and entertaining.

We are a national network of leading experts in the games and software industry, 3D modelers, visual and audio designers, and communication professionals with offices in Ontario, Nunavut, and British Columbia.

Our diverse skill sets and passion for technology assures that your story will be told in the most powerful way, on virtually any platform available.

We provide complete technical solutions, what can we do for you?

  • VR / AR

    We have been creating immersive VR experiences since the release of the DK1 that are truly life-like and engaging, and continue to push the boundaries on what can be done for games, advertising, and experiential applications.

  • Mobile Apps

    Mobile applications are a powerful way of engaging with your customer and enhancing their experience of your brand. At Many Hats Inc, we architect intuitive, compelling user experiences, for both iOS and Android, leveraging the unique capabilities offered by handheld devices. We have also created a number of award-winning original apps.

  • Websites

    We offer a wide array of web services, from developing intuitive, effective, and responsive websites, web-based applications, content management systems, to updating existing sites.

    We ensure your web presence will be responsive, and seamless across all platforms, so you always have a unified presence, no matter which environment your customer chooses to engage with you.

  • Porting

    Our familiarity with and expert knowledge of nearly every console, system and headset on the market to day, means a seamless progression of your product for any environment.

  • Extensions

    Many Hats Inc is skilled in the creation of extensions for popular web browsers that modify and enhance the functionality of websites. We have created a number of original language replacement extensions for Chrome to make websites more accessible and inclusive.


Many Hats Inc offers full service VR/360 film solutions, and our dedicated and experienced team excels at quality recordings and flawless editing. We have worked with incredibly talented musicians, artists, and communities to create everything from music experiences to full documentaries.

  • Music Videos

    Many Hats Inc is available for the creation of music videos and unique VR music experinces.

  • Documentaries / Film

    Many Hats Inc has developed a number films and media both in 360 video and normal media.